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Chris M DJ’n his First Party!

Hi! My name is Chris and I am the CEO and content creator here at ProjectMusic.co!

Project Music was created by music lovers who were frustrated about the low quality self serving information found online.

I love music. It’s really that simple.

In fact, I love it almost too much (just ask my wife). When I was in middle school, I had the option of either going into theater and acting in a school play or picking up an instrument and joining the school band.

Since you are here on a music website, I am sure you know what I ended up choosing.

I remember walking into the classroom the first time, and the band teacher wanted me to join the trumpet section, which to me didn’t sound very “cool” at all (no worries, I think trumpets are super cool now!) But I grew up listening to Johnny Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and even Kenny G and fell in love with the sound of the saxophone.

I convinced my dad to get me an alto saxophone and a nice case, and the rest was history.

I ended up playing all through middle school, through high school, and some of college.

I was born near New Orleans, LA, so frequenting jazz clubs and life music was a regular feature in my life.

During my junior and senior years in high school, I was invited to be in the school’s “Jazz Band” playing the saxophone which only had seven exemplary students from the main school band.

I continued to improve my craft of playing the saxophone, including the tenor and soprano saxophones.

My love for music continued to increase, especially the time I was able to see Winton Marsalis play live.

The musical overload and endorphin-pumping euphoria I feel when I hear a well-trained orchestra still blows my mind.

As I got older, plays like Hamilton got me into show tunes as well.

That same love for music eventually led me to become a mobile DJ doing weddings and anniversary parties.

So that is my quick background in the music space. Even though I do not consider myself an expert in this field, I do consider myself a professional, as I do get paid to share my love for music with others.

All content we will publish on this site has been written or overseen by a qualified expert in the music

For this project, I want to put together the best music information online when I was attempting to satisfy my musical itch.

If you need me or want to collaborate, contact me at info@projectmusic.co. See you later!

– Chris M

Founder of ProjectMusic.co

If you are here it means you, too are looking to improve your musical skills or help with expanding musical education with you or children in your life. I commend that and encourage you to continue.

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that so from this page you can:

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Feel free to suggest article ideas, give feedback, ask questions, or simply to collaborate by checking out our Contact Page.

Enjoy the site and thank you for taking the time to read and learn and perhaps we can have a jam session in the future!

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